First results are in

My bot has played its first few games on the ladder! Already there are some interesting results. It won just one game out of the five games played so far. Three of the losses were against the top two bots, 5minBot and tscmoo. It won one game against 4raxBot, but it also lost a second game.

Tyr vs. 4raxBot

In the game against 4raxBot that I lost, 4raxBot kept its Marines as a single group at home before moving out. My Zealots went in one by one and got killed easily. In the other game, however, 4raxBot sent its Marines one by one, allowing my Zealots to kill them easily. I’m not sure why 4raxBot behaved so differently in the two games, but I am happy with the win!

Tyr vs. 5minBot

In the first game against 5minBot, my bot actually managed to do a lot of damage. I managed to kill a fair number of SCVs before he got his bunker up. When he finally did get it up, I was ahead by four workers, although he was ahead a base. My Zealots a-moved into the bunker one by one, though, and got themselves killed. So the rest of the game was an easy victory for 5minBot.

In the meantime I am continueing work on my bot. I am working on some basic infrastructure, such as the BuildOrder and Task systems I mentioned in a previous post. I also wrote code to recognize expansions on the map and to figure out the correct placement for a base. Next up: fixing worker management when building multiple bases.

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