Starcraft 2 AI Tournament announced

The twitch channel Inside the Champ has featured some Starcraft 2 AI related streams, talking to some of the people from the community. Here you can find their twitch and youtube channels. They have announced on discord that they are going to organise a Starcraft 2 AI tournament. The tournament is to be held somewhere at the end of June. It will be the first Starcraft 2 tournament since the ladder stopped featuring seasons. It will also be the first tournament for my bot to participate in.

In the meantime I am working on new features for my bot. The last game on the ladder, against HjaxAI ended in a timeout. My bot managed to destroy the enemy’s main, but it had already expanded. My bot didn’t bother to look for the new expand. Instead the Zealots just danced around on the ruins of the Zerg base. I have already created a fix for this, so my bot will start looking for expansions when the opponent main has been destroyed.

I have also set up the code necessary for my bot to take expands and gasses, and to manage the workers to mine from those new bases and Assimilators. I am now going to improve my building placement code. I hope I can get all the necessary features in before the tournament!

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