New bot on the ladder

In an earlier post I predicted that for now, rush bots would dominate the SC2 ladder. Well, a new bot has arrived on the ladder and it seems I was right. The new bot is called NaughtyBot by NikEy and it has been stomping most other bots. So far it has only lost five games out of 25.

Also of note: NaughtyBot is a C# bot using my C# API. There were some problems with the API though, and I had to help NikEy out by sending him the compiled dlls for the API. I intend to fix the issues after the upcoming tournament.

NaughtyBot uses a proxy 4-rax strategy. It hits earlier and harder than the existing 4raxBot and MicroMachine, which also use a (non proxied) 4-rax build. It even brings SCVs to help in the attack! At the moment there are few bots on the ladder capable of stopping it. Its main opponent is MicroMachine, which holds off the proxy 4-rax with a defensive 4-rax of its own. It is now 1-3 against MicroMachine. Other than that it has only lost an odd game against the zerg version of CommandCenterBot and tscmoo. Even the top bot 5minBot has lost the three games it played against NaughtyBot.

I think it is quite likely that NaughtyBot will take first place on the ladder, unless other bots adept to his play.

3 thoughts on “New bot on the ladder

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, the cheese is strong on the ladder! In my view we need all the cheese bots we can get. They form a benchmark a solid bot will have to get past. No sense in having a great late game bot if it falls over within the first five minutes. If we want bots to rise above that they need the cheese bots to test against!


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