End of the season

The season ended for the Starcraft 2 bot ladder. 5minBot, which has been on top for more or less the entire season has managed to keep its first place. NaughtyBot, from my previous blog post has finished in second place. My own bot ended in fifth place. For now, no more matches will be played. The next season will probably start around the end of June. This is around the same time as the upcoming tournament is planned. We’ll have to see which happens first.

In the meantime, Cryptious, who runs the ladder, is working on a new and updated site for the tournament, together with TheDoctor, who built most of the infrastructure for the new site. The new ladder should also allow python bots to play, so we will hopefully see some new bots!

I will be working on my bot as well and I hope to finish next season in a higher spot than I did this season!

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