Tournament announcement

The Starcraft 2 AI tournament hosted by Inside the Champ has been announced! You can register here.

The tournament will start with a group stage of best of one matches. The two winners per group will proceed to the elimination bracket. During the bracket best of three matches will be played. The finals will be best of five. The matches will be cast on the twitch channel of Inside the Champ.

There is even a prize pool! $100 for the winner and $50 for the runner up. Although that obviously doesn’t compare to the real prize: eternal fame for the winner!

I am very excited to join the tournament. I am somewhat worried about the group stage. I use some learning in my bot; if it loses a match against an opponent it will try something different next game. There is not much use for that when the matches are just best of one, though. I hope my bot will do well anyway. To anyone who joins, good luck and have fun!

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