Start of the tournament

The registration deadline for the KotN: Probots tournament is past. A total of 12 bots have been registered. Seven of the authors have had a bot on the ladder before, although four of them have completely new bots or strategies (according to what they have said on discord).

  • Cryptious is sending in CryptBot 2.0, which, unlike it’s predecessor is a macro bot. However, he has said in chat that the bot is not complete and has many bugs.
  • NikEy is sending in AviloBot. The details for this bot are still somewhat unclear, although according to comments from the author it will definitely be interesting. One hint he gave was that in case of a loss, it will lift the Command Center, like NaughtyBot did, but it will also fly it off into a corner, with 20 vikings. Like CryptBot, however, the completely new bot was perhaps too much of a project in the short time he had as it sounds like it is not quite complete either.
  • Hjax has been working on his bot a lot. He has improved macro and added all sorts of defenses against cheese. He may also have had the most time to work on his bot of all the authors, as he didn’t have to work in the time since the tournament announcement. In testing he beat the ladder version of 5minBot 31-4.
  • Finally my own bot will be using some completely new strategies for the tournament. I won’t reveal too much about it, although, like Hjax I have tested against 5minBot and the result is 32-3 in my favor. We will have to see how well 5minBot does after the updates it has received for the tournament!

There is very little that can be said about the new bots, although we can guess what strategy CannonLover will use. I also find it interesting that there is an actual random bot called Ursadon. I am curious to see how it will play.

I consider HjaxAI, 5minBot and Tyr to be the top contenders for winning the tournament, but nothing is certain. The group stages will be played on tuesday and should be published by wednesday. Friday the Round of 8 will be streamed live on the Inside the Champ twitch channel.

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