Group stage complete

The first results for the KotN: Probots tournament are in. Unlike what I said in my previous post, 10 bots made it into the tournament, not 12. This is because two of the authors were unable to hand in a working bot on time. The random bot Ursadon won’t compete and the Terran bot ByunJR also didn’t make it. The remaining bots have battled it out in two groups of 5. In each group, the top 4 will advance to the next round. CryptBot got knocked out of the first group and Bad_Terran was eliminated from the second group. We do not get to see the replays for the matches, but we can infer some interesting facts from the results:

  • HjaxAI, which I had predicted would do well, actually only won 2 of its 4 matches. It lost against the terran AviloBot and against protoss m1ndb0t.
  • AviloBot made it to the first place in his group, only losing a single match to CreepyBot.
  • CannonLover got first place in the other group and only lost against Bad_Terran.
  • 5minBot lost against both CannonLover and my bot, although I had thought he would end quite high.

My own bot lost only a single match, against CannonLover. I even won the match against 5minBot, which I am very happy about. In the round of 8 I will be up against HjaxAI, which will be a tough matchup for me. I very much hope I will be able to move on, but we’ ll have to see how the games play out.

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