Probots finals

The KotN: Probots finals were played last Friday! The finals were between 5minBot and HjaxAI. If you are a subscriber to eschamp, you can watch the games here. These bots played some awesome macro games. Let’s go through them now.

Game 1

The game starts with both bots macroing up. 5minBot tries to do some harass with his reaper, but HjaxAI chases it out of his base with some lings. HjaxAI tries to block 5minBot by burrowing lings at base locations. 5minBot manages to scan and kill the zerglings without much trouble, which impressed me quite a bit. 5minBot tries to do a push with a small bio force with some medivacs and a tank, but HjaxAI is ready with a flood of zerglings and cleans the push up nicely.


At this point HjaxAI adds on some mutalisks and goes on the offensive. The bio army quickly gets overwhelmed by the mass of zerglings. The marines and marauders try to split, but this only allows the zerglings more surface area to attack. A pair of vikings manages to hold the mutas at bay, but the zerglings push into the main with ease. They take out what little defenses remain for 5minBot and HjaxAI takes game 1.

Game 2

The early move out with bio from 5minBot does a bit better this time. It takes out a queen and quite a number of zerglings, but it eventually does get cleaned up. A second push takes out another two queens, but it decides to retreat again. HjaxAI adds on mutalisks to the zergling army and pushes out. Once again the bio stands little chance to the mass of zerglings. Only the third base for 5minBot puts up some resistance. This base is a planetary fortress and it has a single turret to fend of the mutalisks. The mutas seem to be reluctant to attack into the turret, but instead of retreating properly they dart in and out of range taking hits needlessly.


The zerglings try to take down the planetery fortress, but with some scv repair the zerglings don’t get anywhere. The main and natural for 5minBot do not do so well. He simply has no answer to the constant flood of zerglings and ultimately even the planetary fortress falls. Game 2 goes to HjaxAI.

Game 3

This game is on Redshift. 5minBot goes for a planetary fortress at the natural. When HjaxAI comes in with a flood of lings they once again destroy themselves on the planetery fortress. They manage to get it down to a sliver of health, but the repairing SCVs barely manage to save it.


The mutas come in at the pocket expand of 5minBot. The marines do a decent job of holding them off. 5minBot seems somewhat confused about the attacks that come in from both sides. A large part of his army sits in his main base, not quite sure which attack it should defend against. In true zerg swarm fasion, HjaxAI keeps throwing wave after wave of zerglings into 5minBot. For a while this doesn’t seem to do too much, but gradually 5minBot gets worn out. The SCV numbers drop and the army of 5minBot, although it looks large enough that it should be able to handle the attacks, simply does not know what to do. With the resources running out, HjaxAI manages to overrun the defenses and take the third game, winning the tournament.


2 thoughts on “Probots finals

  1. It really bothered me that the bots were changed between rounds. It made the tournament less about who could design the best bot and more about which human picked a better strategy to counter their opponents bot. If it’s really a bot tournament the bots should have to pick the strategies not their human creators.


    1. I am not entirely sure I like it either. I think I could have made good use of it if I had made it into the Round of 4, but I agree that it promotes sniping enemy builds.

      With the Brood War AI tournaments, the bot gets to know its opponent’s name, so you see quite a few cases where a counter strategy is hardcoded. I like that for SC2 they went for randomized IDs, so you can use information from previous games you played against them, but you can’t just hardcode a strategy.

      There was a discussion about this in the Discord channel as well, so maybe next season there won’t be any code changes allowed, or perhaps there will be a completely new tournament that doesn’t have them.


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