Skytoss everywhere!

It seems my bot has inspired some other authors to go for a Skytoss composition. I currently count three others that would fall in that category.

  • GreenBot, which is currently disabled due to bugs, goes for a two base Voidray build, similar to mine, but without the cannons for defense. The lack of cannons allows it to get the Voidrays out faster and it goes for a fairly quick attack. Its lack of defense causes it to lose against more aggressive bots. Below is an image of GreenBot killing the marines of AviloBot. Since AviloBot has little anti-air, GreenBot will go on to beat AviloBot quite easily.GreenBotvsAviloBot.png
  • MEMI goes for two bases and does build cannons to defend. It goes for a single Oracle to harass and then starts building Carriers. Interestingly, this is similar to the Brood War bot XIMP, which inspired my own build. The Carriers are quite strong and it has even managed to get quite a few wins against my bot. Below is an image of MEMI versus CreepyBot, where the Queens are trying to shoot down the Intercepters while the Carriers float at a safe distance.MEMIvsCreepyBot.png
  • RuleMeBot uses mainly Voidrays, but it adds on some Phoenixes and even Tempest! It also does quite well against my bot. Below is an image from a game between him and my own bot. His Voidrays are killing my workers. My own Voidrays just went out to the enemy base where they got taken apart by some more Voidrays and two Tempest.RuleMeBotvsTyr.png

I find it fun to see these bots that play similarly to mine, especially since they each add their own flavor to the Skytoss formula!

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