GIST AI Tournament

Yesterday the GIST AI Tournament was played in South Korea. It was organised by the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology. This tournament was invite-only, with just 5 participants. The tournament featured a round robin with 16 games between every two bots. The detailed results, including replays, can be found on their website. The final standings were as follows:

  1. G-SCAI
  2. Tyr
  3. 5minBot
  4. HjaxAI
  5. CryptBot

As you can see, I managed to get second place! Interestingly, the G-SCAI bot, developed by the Gwangju Institute itself has managed to get first place. This is the first time I have seen the bot play. Versus Terran and Protoss it uses a gateway army with Collosus. Versus Protoss it uses a much simpler proxy Stargate into Oracle harass strategy. I have seen it use a number of quite advanced skills. It can dodge Widow Mine shots using blink. It can shade Adepts into the zerg bases for early game harass. It uses Sentries with Guardian shield. It uses blink to safe low health Stalkers. It also uses a Warp Prism to warp in reinforcements to the front line. The below image shows a fight between G-SCAI and 5minBot.AdeptBotv5minBot.png

My own bot also got to demonstrate a number of cool new tricks.

Gateway Robo build

My bot also has a new gateway + robo build, similar to G-SCAI, although less refined. Depending on the enemy composition it will also switch up what it produces, so for example, against a more Roach heavy zerg, it will build a lot of Stalkers and Immortals, while against a more Hydra heavy zerg it will build more Adepts and Collosus.

One base Stalker

My bot also used a one base Stalker build to great success against G-SCAI. Since their PvP build consists of a one base proxy Stargate, my stalkers were pretty good at defeating that. Sadly I had accidentally turned of the defense of the main base for that build, so my stalkers wouldn’t defend against the Oracle harass. The results is that most games ended up in a base trade, which my bot usually won. There were also instances where G-SCAI defeated my Stalkers, but only after both our Nexuses were destroyed. My bot detected that it had no army and no Probes left, so it GGed. G-SCAI also had very little left though, so if my bot had not surrendered, the game may well have ended in a draw.

Probe rush

I have also implemented a Probe rush. This may sound like a terrible idea, but it turns our that quite a number of the current bots are highly susceptible to it. I won most of my games against HjaxAI with this build. In my own testing, the build also defeated 5minBot fairly consistently, but in the tournament it did not manage it. Perhaps 5minBot’s worker defense has improved.

I very much enjoyed this tournament. I am also looking forward to putting some of my new strategies on the ladder!

2 thoughts on “GIST AI Tournament

  1. Congratulation on getting second place! Your bot took too many games from Hjax 😛

    Any games you can recommend? I didn’t had time to look at the replays yet. If the winner is as good as you say, we maybe should put a few games on youtube.


    1. Thanks!
      From what I’ve seen so far, most games with G-SCAI against the same opponent look very similar. Only exception is my bot because of the different strategies. The games between G-SCAI and HjaxAI and those between him and 5minBot are all pretty awesome. The proxy Stargate build vs me provides some silly games at times. AdeptBotvTyr-BelShirVestigeLE.SC2Replay was the game I mentioned where I GGed prematurely.


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