Playing against Tyr as a human

I have been working on a setup that allows you to play against my bot. It is basically a compiled version of the ladder manager which includes ’empty’ bots. By setting an empty bot as the first player you can take control and play against Tyr. Here are instructions for setting it up, so you can play against it yourself:

  1. Download the TyrLauncher zip file.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to your pc.
  3. Copy the Maps folder to your Starcraft install directory.MapsFolder
  4. Start LadderGUI.exe
  5. Select a map to play on.
  6. For the first player, select one of the HumanPlayerX options, depending on what race you want to play.
  7. For the second player, select one of the TyrX options, depending on what race you want Tyr to play.

Edit: As AiSee has mentioned on discord, there is a hotkey for going full screen, so with these new instructions you don’t even have to navigate those menus! The bots still start with a delay, so you have to be a bit patient in the new setup.

  1. Make sure you find the Starcraft 2 instance for the red player (this is you).
  2. Press alt-enter.
  3. Start playing!

When the game starts, it will freeze for twenty seconds. This gives you time to switch to fullscreen mode:

  1. Bring up the menu using F10.
  2. Go to Options (hotkey O).
  3. In the Graphics tab, switch from Windowed to Fullscreen.
  4. Click Accept.
  5. Click Back to game (G).

Some notes: The empty bot that allows you to take control is not fully empty. It actually slows down the game, allowing you to play at a more normal speed. I have had some trouble getting the speed quite right. If you try it and the game stutters, or you think it goes too slow or too fast, please leave a message here and I will look into it.

Also note that this setup simply uses the regular LadderManager, so if you want to play against another bot, you can add it to the list of bots as you would in the ladder manager and pick that as the second player.

Have fun playing my bot and let me know how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Playing against Tyr as a human

  1. Oh god, I didn’t realise that zip file thing was a link. I searched for a solid 6 minutes trying to find the zip file… I’m definitely curious to see how this works…


    1. Hi James, you definitely weren’t the first to miss that link. The color for my links was really hard to spot, so I have adjusted it and it should be a lot better! 😀 Have fun with it. It would be nice if you could leave a comment to let is know how the games go!


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