Brood War

The Brood War version of my bot plays both Terran and Protoss. It knows a variety of strategies and it will pick a strategy based on earlier results against a specific opponent. I consider my Protoss to be slightly stronger, although my Terran usually wins in a straight up fight. My Protoss goes for timing attacks, building up an army and getting up its tech to strike at a time when my opponent is weak! My Terran mostly uses mech in TvP and TvT and uses bio in TvZ. Its mech somewhat lackluster, largely due to poor tank control. I consider its TvZ bio to be quite powerful.

Starcraft 2

I am currently working on a bot that plays Starcraft 2! The bot plays Protoss. It is written in C#. I am using the sc2-dotnet library to connect to the game through the Blizzard API. My bot plays a number of strategies, such as:

  • Gateway and Robo army, with Collosus or Immortals depending on the enemy composition.
  • A two base mass Voidray strategy.
  • A Probe rush.
  • A one base Stalker build.

My bots most notable result so far was second place in the GIST AI tournament. Below is a list of all the things I expect to do the coming time. You can check back here to see my progress!

  • ✓ Gateway Robo build.
  • ✓ Probe rush.
  •     Pick the closest worker for tasks such as constructing a building.
  •     Allow a builder to move out before having enough resources.
  •     Add more builds.