Exploit in the SC2 API

I’ve been playing around with the pathing grid that the SC2 API provides you in the ResponseGameInfo. I have found that there is an exploit in there. Here is an image I generated from the information for the map Paladino Terminal:


Note that the top left and top right bases have a circle in the middle. These are my own and my opponent’s resource centers. Note that Paladino Terminal is a four player map; you should not know which of the four start locations your opponent has spawned at, however by looking at the pathing data you can find out.

I posted about this exploit in Discord and one of the Blizzard employees working on the Starcraft API, Aphextwin, told me he would look into it. At the moment the exploit is not much of a problem. The ladder, which is the only place for competitive bot matches, currently only features two player maps. When maps are added for more players this could become a problem. Hopefully the exploit will be fixed before then.

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